A classic round-shaped lollipop, customizable
BIA 09002
Round-Shaped Lollipop: Midium
A neutral lollipop on which it's possible to print your images. Lollipop is wrapped in a transparent bag sealed with transparent scotch but on demand it may be sealed with elegant ribbon. This lollipop is banana-flavoured. For orders of more than 2.000 pieces we can produce other fruit flavours. Consider the surface of the lollipop as page where you can write and design your messsages. Here you have the opportunity to express your style and your personality at all the events in life, like baptisms, birthdays, weddings; but also at work like promotions, trade fairs, meetings etc.
Dimensions: 7.5 x 19 x 1 cm. Net weight: 48 g
A classic round-shaped lollipop, customizable
funny and customized sweets for birthday

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Personalized Lollipops - Personalized lollipops, with the images and words of your preference, are printed directly on the sugar surface of the lollipop, using alimentary food colouring. The result is a gadget, truly original and fun that will make not only the children very happy but also the grownups!They can also be used as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, at parties and to celebrate a special occasion, or even to play a practical joke!
The lollipops can be decorated any way you choose, they are often used as publicity gadgets. Printed with a company logo or a promotional message they become a fun way to publicize your compampany, to inaugurate a store, to promote your trade mark at your stand at the trade fair, to greet the prticipants at a convention, at a meeting or at a press conference.

A fantastic idea: be the editor of your own lollipop where you can insert the photo and the message. Try, and you will see a radiant smile of joy and amazement on the faces of all your friends and relations!

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